SQL Server 2012 Uses PowerShell V2 Even If It Is On Windows Server 2012

Wow! PS version 3 is great! A host of beneficial changes. If you’re like me, you probably wanted to start using it right away to take advantage of some of the new and wonderful changes.

But, HOLD ON! If you are wanting to implement any of those new and upgraded cmdlets in SQL Server 2012, you can’t. Even if you are running on Windows Server 2012, you still can’t use PS 3 cmdlets. Yes, that’s right. The reason is SQL 2012 uses PS Version 2 internally. Check it out. Here is a screen shot of the $PSVersionTable command in SQL Server 2012 on Windows Server 2012 (after right-clicking a database and selecting Start PowerShell):

Here’s a screen shot of $PSVersionTable in Powershell on the same server

So, If you want to run PS 3 for any job steps on SQL 2012, you will need to choose the command type as Operating System (CmdExec) and not PowerShell.

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