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Tips & Tricks Using Compare-Object – Copy New Files

This is a wonderful article which not only details the use of Compare-Object but also provides some very excellent examples on its use.

Tips & Tricks Using Compare-Object – Dreaming in PowerShell –

I am very new to PowerShell but I am beginning to like using it considerably more each day. I recently had a need for a quick and easy way to script a process which would copy only new files from one location to another. after scouring the Internet for a good example, I stumbled upon the Compare-Object cmdlet and this excellent article.

The actual script I came up with is rather simple and serves my purpose exactly. As I  mentioned, I am new to PowerShell and there may very well be a better method. However, this one works for me.

The script code:

    [string]$s = '\\serverx\c$\ProgramData\Polaris\3.5\SQLVS1\AuthorityUpdates',
    [string]$t = '\\servery\data03\shared\libraries\zmarc'

$target = Get-ChildItem $t
$source = get-childitem $s
Compare-Object $source $target -Property Name -PassThru |
    Where-Object { $_.SideIndicator -eq '<=' } |
    foreach-object -process{
        copy-item $_.FullName -destination $t