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Oracle on Windows Server 2003 x64 Edition

For a very long time Oracle’s threaded architecture had proven to be a major liability when running on Windows. However, with the recent introduction of Windows 64-bit computing, the liability has now become a definite asset.
I recently discovered a blog site dedicated to Oracle on Windows and the blogger, Edward Whalen,  has posted a number of very good articles. Begin by reading his initial article which explains why the threaded architecture is now an asset on Windows 64-bit.
I hope Ed keeps up with his articles. I’ve found them very informative for my own project which is to migrate several DB’s on Windows 2000 to 10.2g on Windows 2003.

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Oracle 8i on Windows 2000 Advanced Server

A few months ago I started a new position as a contract Oracle DBA. This particular client had been without an Oracle DBA for about six months and, consequently, had developed definite performance issues over that time. Additionally, it had been several years since I last actively worked as an Oracle DBA and I really needed to exercise my skills while learning new ones. Continue reading